Our Story

For over 50 years now the Nelson family has been a part of the automotive retail world. The Nelson Cars that you see thriving today started as Jim Nelson Ford in the late 1950’s. Robert “Bobbie” Nelson worked with his father and brother to create a company that was based around excellent customer service and quality vehicles. Together, they took the dealer world by storm. For many years they ran their successful Ford dealership together, however they decided to venture out and try something new in the late 1990’s, when they opted to sell it. Prior to that, in October of 1989 Mr. Nelson (Bobbie) purchased his first Nissan-Mazda dealership, Pemberton Nissan-Mazda, and from there, he worked hard to create the Nelson Nissan-Mazda brand that we all know and love today. By offering their customers these incredible Mazda and Nissan vehicles with honesty as a key component in their game plan, the Nelson Nissan-Mazda name began to grow. They used the slogan “We’ll Make A Believer Out Of You” to show customers that they meant what they promised. This promise was to create a dealership that was determined to offer their customers satisfaction in every area of their business.

This first Nelson Nissan-Mazda continued to grow and built such a customer base that it was time to expand. About ten years after the first Nelson dealership opened, they decided to expand into the Nashville, TN, area. Their second store, Nelson Mazda, was located in the Nashville suburb known as Antioch, TN and was opened in 1998. It only took four years after their second store had opened to see that what they were offering to their customers made them stand out among their competitors and it was time to expand again. In the year 2002 the Nelson group added their Nashville store totaling three dealerships under the Nelson name.

After two successful years had passed, they decided to change things up a bit by making Nelson Nissan-Mazda solely a Nissan dealership in Broken Arrow and purchased land in south Tulsa, OK, to create a separate Nelson Mazda dealership, which opened in December of 2004. This allowed them to plant their first ever "retail revolution" store, which was another way to set this dealership apart from all the other dealers in the area. This new business model made them stand out to their customers and added growth overall. As a result, they were able to make room for another Nelson dealership. They created their second "retail revolution" store, this time in Tennessee, and in July of 2013 they set up shop in Cool Springs, TN.

After Nelson had established themselves as a number one car dealership for Nissan and Mazda cars in both Oklahoma and Tennessee, they realized that there was a void that needed to be filled in the marketplace for great people who happened to fall upon hard times, which had affected their credit score. In response to this need, they opened a new store and in November of 2007, Car Country was founded in Bixby. It was a very successful opening and so they quickly expanded and by December of 2007, another location was opened in Broken Arrow and shortly thereafter, in June of 2008 another Car Country was opened in Sapulpa. After a few years of continued success, it was time to expand into the area of Bartlesville (opened in June of 2010) and again in Claremore (opened in April of 2013). The goal of Car Country, no matter what location you visit, is to assist in building an individual's credit through short term loans that will ultimately give them the credit boost they need to be able to purchase a new car in the future.

As a dealership group the Nelson family continues to see growth and loyalty among their customers. We are convinced that we set ourselves apart by giving every customer the treatment they deserve. We work hard to take away the stress of car shopping and to make our customers lives a little easier in doing so. Whether you are shopping for a new Nissan, a new Mazda, or are looking for a great used car, we have what you need. With a huge selection of both new Nissan and new Mazda cars and over 300 used cars in stock, Nelson Cars will impress you and you won't leave without finding what you were searching for. When you shop with Nelson Cars, you’ll have a car dealership experience unlike any other. If you don’t believe us then stop into one of our dealerships and “We’ll Make A Believer Out Of You!"

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